Should I learn to drive in an automatic?

It’s a good question. The advantages of learning in an automatic are: –

    • There’s no doubt that it can be quicker and easier to learn in an automatic car. Because you don’t have to learn how to change gears and operate the clutch, there’s no risk of stalling and so learning to control the car is simpler.
    • Hill starts are not a problem as there’s no chance of rolling back on hills.
    • They’re easier in the heavy traffic on our congested roads in busy towns and cities as you’ll avoid the frequent gear changes manual drivers have to make when constantly stopping and starting
    • With less to master, automatic driving lessons may be a faster route to your licence and therefore cheaper too.
    • Automatic cars are gaining in popularity and much more widely available in all sizes than they used to be.
    • In the future we’ll all be driving electric cars which are all automatic.

BUT it’s important to keep in mind that an automatic licence does not permit you to drive a manual car once you have passed your test.

That means that whereas passing your driving test in a manual car allows you to drive either a manual or an automatic car, passing your test in an automatic limits you to only driving automatics.